2021 Summer Hair Trends

2021 Summer Hair Trends

It's already half way through 2021, and we have already seen some amazing hairstyles come into fashion in this year, and now we have many more styles to look out for. This article takes a dive into some of the most trendy hairstyles at the moment that you can try out this summer. From fresh twists on the old school mullet to new ways of hair colouring and everything in between, it's time to find some new looks that will give you a fresh new look along with some major style.

Medium Length Shaggy Hair

The trendy 60s and 70s mullet/shaggy hair is back and going strong. This simple, effortless look will blow your mind with how beautifully it frames your face, leaving you feeling effortlessly cool and confident in your own skin. Major celebrities like singer Billie Eilish is sporting this look currently.


This hairstyle made a come back on social media platform Tik Tok with the viral hair cutting hack that allowed newbies to get the perfect shaggy look at home. In fact, our founder herself even tried it out on our Tik Tok profile and it turned out amazing!


I can’t believe I did this! ##wolfcut ##shagmullet ##mullet ##mulletchallenge ##tiktoksingapore

♬ good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo

Curtain Bangs

Another 60s and 70s inspired hair trend is back, and its hands down one of the most flattering types of fringe one can have. Like the name suggests the bangs fall on the face in all the right places without having to keep up with maintenance. Depending on the length of your curtain bangs, most of them are long enough to be tucked behind the ear, which means they won't get in the way or block your vision. If you are toying around with the idea about getting full on bangs, why not start off with the curtain bangs first? 


Partially Dyed Hair

Carrying on the vibrant hair colours trend from 2020, we can now see more people not only experimenting with more colours of hair dye, but also creative ways of colouring the hair. Can't decide what colour to dye your hair? Why not pick them all with the rainbow hair colouring trend! Or stand out from the crowd by colouring your hair in 2 contrasting colours for the split dye trend. The possibilities are endless!


Now that you know what's trending, go forth and get creative with your hair! Tag us on Instagram to share your looks! 

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