3 Easy 1 Minute Hair Styles for Lazy Days

3 Easy 1 Minute Hair Styles for Lazy Days

When life gets busy, these easy 1 minute hair styles can help make you look casually chic~ 💖✨😍

What you'll need:

  • Hair Curler
  • Heat Protection Spray
  • Comb
  • Hair Oil
  • Our Qwerky Hair Accessories:
    • Frosted Loopy Claw Clip
    • Knitted Scrunchie

Watch the full video here: 

Styling your hair with soft curls (optional) 

  1. Brush your hair to get rid of any tangles 
  2. Don’t forget to apply heat protection spray 
  3. Lightly comb through your hair to distribute the product 
  4. Set your heat curler to 180 °C 
  5. Start by taking a small vertical section and curling the ends inwards to make a C-curl
  6. For the next part you want to hold the curling iron vertically and curl away from the face
  7. Curl the upper part of the section outwards (away from face) until you reach the end 
  8. Hold in place for 3-5 seconds then slowly unravel the section
  9. Take another small vertical section and repeat the process
  10. Do the same thing on the other side, also curling away from the face 
  11. For the bangs, hold your curling iron horizontally and curl towards your face then rotate the curling iron vertically to curl the ends away from the face
  12. Add some volume at the top
  13. Apply oil at the midsection towards the ends of your hair

Look #1 using the Frosted Loopy Claw Clip 

  1. Split the upper section of your hair into two 
  2. Then cross the left section over the right section
  3. Secure with the Frosted Loopy Claw Clip  
  4. Add loose hair strands in front for a more casual look

Look #2 using the Frosted Loopy Claw Clip

  1. Pull your hair into a simple half ponytail
  2. Then twist the section upwards to make a knot
  3. Secure using the Frosted Loopy Claw Clip 

Look #3 using the Knitted Scrunchie

  1. Split your hair into two sections evenly
  2. Twist the section away from your face
  3. Coil the hair into a bun, then secure it with a hair tie
  4. Gently fluff out the bun to give it more volume and adjust the shape
  5. Repeat the process for the second bun
  6. You can even sleep in these buns for easy overnight curls


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