Iconic Hair Colours Among K-Pop Idols

Iconic Hair Colours Among K-Pop Idols

Have you noticed all the colourful hair in the K-Pop world? Hair colour is a crucial aspect of an idol's image, and in 2023, some of the trendiest hair hues among K-Pop idols are purple, blue, orange, red, and pink.


1. Purple hair is giving blonde a run for its money, it's edgy and unique. BLACKPINK's Ji-Soo rocks a bold and beautiful shade of purple back in 2017 during her As If It's Your Last era. 

IVE’s Won-young also did a show stopping purple look during IZ*ONE‘s “Violetta” era. 

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2. Blue hair is super cool and matches perfectly with the idols' collected personalities. Just check out ITZY’s Ryujin– no one will forget her in her WANNABE age’s dark blue hair.

Of course, every ARMY knows who the blue prince charming is– BTS’s V with his iconic blue hair look that compliments his charismatic personality.

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3. Orange hair is a more unconventional choice, but it's still popular among K-Pop idols. Heart Burn’s singer– Sunmi and Weki Meki’s Kim Do-yeon are rocking this hue. Not only does the hair colour make Sunmi stand out, but it also perfectly complements her fiery personality.

Do-yeon is known for her energetic and upbeat personality, which shines through her bright orange hair.

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4. Red hair is passionate and fun-loving, just like Red Velvet’s Joy and former (G)I-DLE's Soo-jin. Red Velvet's Joy is known for her bright and bold personality, which often matches her fiery red hair. 

Soo-jin has been turning heads with her stunning red hair. Red is a bold and attention-grabbing colour, and it suits Soojin's fierce and confident personality perfectly. 

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5. Pink hair has become a popular choice in recent years. Some idols have gone all out and dyed their hair a vibrant shade of pink, while others have opted for a more subtle pastel hue. One famous example is BTS member Jimin, who sported bright pink hair during the group's "Blood, Sweat & Tears" era.

Other idols who have rocked the pink hair look include BLACKPINK's Lisa, who had a stunning pink bob. With so many idols experimenting with this bold and fun hair colour, it's safe to say that pink hair is here to stay in the Kpop world.

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So, if you're all about that K-Pop life, and you're looking for a way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd, then it's time to get adventurous with your hair colour. With purple, blue, orange, red, and pink being the hottest shades of 2023, you'll have plenty of options to let your personality shine through. Embrace your unique style and show off your fearless and stunning hair choices, just like your favorite K-Pop idols!

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