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Non-Damaging Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes

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Hair Dye
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Take your pick from Qwerky's extensive range of Semi-Permanent Conditioning Colours that are plant-based and non-damaging. It's also ammonia, alcohol and peroxide free!

Product Info

Qwerky Colour's signature line of non-damaging and long-lasting semi-permanent hair dyes! With a super hydrating plant-based formula that's alcohol, peroxide and ammonia free, there's no need to worry about damage! Available in 11 stunning shades that can be mixed and matched to create the colour of your dreams.

🌈 Our dyes look best on bleached hair, but you can try Barbie or Riot for a dark red tint on unbleached hair.

🌈 Pair it with our cult favourite Suck It Up Colour Locking Hair Mask to make the colour last even longer!

How To Use?


1. Bleach your hair to achieve the most vibrant results. Make sure your hair is clean and dry before moving on to the next steps

2. Divide hair into 4 sections & secure with alligator claw clips.

3. Take smaller sections of hair & apply the dyes generously with a brush or with your hands (while wearing gloves)

4. Wait 30-60 minutes

5. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry your hair with a dark coloured towel. Dry your hair and see the full vibrancy of your new hair colour


To Note:

The final shade can be influenced by many factors including: current colour, condition, porosity, length and thickness of hair as well as any previous treatments. Please contact us before purchasing so we can better advise.

It is normal for the colour to bleed especially in the first few washes. Staining may also occur on skin and surfaces. Do use dark coloured towels and wear dark coloured clothes when stepping out of the shower.

Our dyes look best on bleached and toned hair.

You should carry out a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before using this product to check you are not allergic to it.


Do your dyes work on unbleached hair?

Some do! Riot and Barbie appears as a dark red or pink hue on unbleached hair! We are working on developing more shades that show up on unbleached hair so do stay tuned!

How long do Qwerky Colour dyes last?

Our dyes have different amounts of lasting power but generally it lasts between 1-3 months. Do refer to the descriptions in the individual product listings for more information.

How many tubs do I need?

It depends on your hair length and thickness, but generally 1 tub (200ml) is sufficient to cover shoulder length hair. Do check out our hair length chart for more information 😊

Will Qwerky Colour damage my hair?

Nope! Our dyes are non-damaging and do not contain any harsh chemicals that dry out your hair.

When do Qwerky Colour products expire?
Do check the bottom of the tubs for the expiry date of the dyes. They can be kept up till expiry date if stored in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

Is Qwerky Colour cruelty free?
Yes, all of Qwerky Colour’s products are cruelty free.

What hair types is Qwerky Colour suitable for?

Qwerky Colour is suitable for all hair types. We encourage you to do a strand test before applying the dye on your whole head to ensure that there are no adverse reactions and the colour meets your needs. If any discomfort occurs, please stop using the product and contact a medical professional if any serious complications occur. If you have any questions, please email or drop us a DM on Instagram.

Shipping Information

How long will it take to receive my order?

You will receive your item within 3-4 working days for Standard Delivery. Opt for Express Delivery to receive your item within 24 hours.

Which shipping provider do you use?

We use Pickupp to delivery our parcels.

I am having shipping issues, who can I contact?

Feel free to contact us with your shipping issues via Email or Instagram DM.


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